Privacy Policy

How we handle your data.

Last updated: September 20, 2023

Workverse is a video conferencing app designed to enhance productivity and collaboration while respecting your privacy. At Workverse, we are committed to safeguarding your personal information and ensuring your trust in our platform. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, and protection of your data. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we handle your information. By using Workverse, you agree to the terms outlined in this policy.

1. Information Collection

At Workverse, we take your privacy seriously. We collect and process information for the sole purpose of providing you with a secure and efficient video conferencing experience. Our data collection practices are designed to minimize the information we collect and ensure its protection.

1.1 Wallet Address Sign-In
- Workverse allows you to sign in using a wallet address. When you choose this option, we collect and store your wallet address as a unique identifier. This information is used exclusively for authentication purposes and account management.

1.2 Google Sign-In
- If you opt to sign in via Google, we convert your Google-provided email address into a wallet address for authentication. We do not store your Google password or any other sensitive information associated with your Google account.

1.3 Guest Access
- Workverse offers the option to access our platform as a guest. When you use guest access, no personally identifiable information is collected or stored beyond the duration of your session. Guest sessions are designed to respect your privacy and provide a convenient, no-strings-attached experience.

1.4 IP Address
- Your IP address is used solely for the purpose of establishing and maintaining video conferencing sessions on Workverse. It is an essential component of our service infrastructure, used for session initiation, management, security, usage analytics, and geolocation (when applicable). Please refer to Section 4.1 for detailed information about IP address usage.

1.5 Cookies
- Workverse employs cookies to enhance your experience while using our platform. These cookies serve various functions, as described in Section 4.2, including session management, analytics, customization, and more. Our use of cookies is designed to provide you with a personalized and efficient user experience.

We are committed to collecting and processing the minimum amount of information necessary to provide you with our services. We do not engage in intrusive data collection practices, and we prioritize the security and privacy of your information at all times.

2. User Representations

At Workverse, we respect your privacy and prioritize the protection of your personal information. We understand the importance of allowing users to maintain a level of anonymity and control over their online presence. As part of our commitment to safeguarding your privacy, we have implemented the following practices:

2.1 User Avatars
- Workverse allows users to represent themselves exclusively through avatars. We do not require or display personal images or identifying information as part of your user profile. Instead, you have the freedom to choose or create an avatar that best represents you in the Workverse environment. This approach ensures that your physical appearance, photographs, or personal information are not required or exposed to other users. Your privacy and anonymity are paramount to us.

2.2 Personal Information Minimization
- Beyond avatars, Workverse adheres to a strict policy of minimizing the collection of personal information. We only collect the information necessary for account authentication and management, as detailed in Section 1. We do not solicit or require additional personal data, such as your full name, address, or phone number, to use our platform. This approach is designed to protect your identity and limit the potential exposure of sensitive information.

2.3 User Control
- Workverse empowers users to control their online presence. You can choose your avatar, customize your display name, and manage your communication preferences within the platform. We provide the tools and options necessary for you to maintain control over how you are represented and interact with others on Workverse.

2.4 Respect for User Choices
- We respect the choices you make regarding your user representation. If you prefer to remain entirely anonymous, you can do so by not providing additional personal information or using a generic avatar. Conversely, if you choose to personalize your representation, we support your decision while maintaining your privacy and data security.

2.5 Privacy by Design
- Workverse follows a privacy-by-design approach, which means that privacy considerations are integrated into the core of our platform's development and functionality. Our user representation features are designed with privacy in mind, ensuring that your data and identity remain protected.

Our commitment to user representations that prioritize privacy and anonymity is central to the Workverse experience. We want you to feel comfortable and secure while using our platform, knowing that you have control over how you are represented and that your personal information is safeguarded. Your trust in Workverse is of utmost importance to us.

3. Data Security

3.1 Encryption
- Workverse utilizes advanced encryption protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access or interception. Our encryption practices include:

3.1.1 End-to-End Encryption
- All chat messages, notes, and any text-based communication within Workverse are encrypted with end-to-end encryption. This means that your messages are transformed into unreadable code on your device and remain in that state until they reach the intended recipient's device. Only the sender and recipient possess the decryption keys necessary to convert the messages into a readable format. This ensures that even if there were a security breach, the intercepted data would be indecipherable to unauthorized parties.

3.1.2 Transport Layer Security (TLS)
- We employ TLS encryption for all data transmitted between your device and our servers. TLS encrypts your data during transmission, safeguarding it from eavesdropping and tampering. This encryption ensures that your video conferencing sessions and data transfers are secure.

3.1.3 Data Storage Encryption
- Any data that is stored on our servers, including account information and preferences, is stored in an encrypted format. This additional layer of encryption safeguards your data even when it's at rest on our servers.

3.1.4 Access Controls
- Access to your data within Workverse is restricted to authorized personnel only. Our team adheres to strict access control policies, ensuring that your data is only accessible to individuals with a legitimate need for access.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of data security. Our encryption measures are designed to protect your information from unauthorized access, and we continuously monitor and update our security protocols to adapt to emerging threats. Your privacy and the security of your data are our utmost priorities. By employing robust encryption technologies, we aim to provide you with a secure and confidential video conferencing experience on Workverse.

4. Data Usage

4.1 IP Address
Your IP address is used exclusively for establishing and maintaining video conferencing sessions on Workverse. It is an essential component of our service infrastructure and is collected and processed as follows:

  • Session Initiation: When you join a video conferencing session, your IP address is used to facilitate the initial connection with our servers. This ensures a seamless and high-quality video conferencing experience.
  • Session Management: Throughout your session, your IP address is used for session management purposes, such as optimizing data routing, minimizing latency, and maintaining session stability.
  • Security: Your IP address is also utilized to enhance the security of your video conferencing sessions. It helps us detect and prevent potential security threats, such as unauthorized access or unusual activity.
  • Usage Analytics: Workverse may aggregate and analyze anonymized IP address data for the purpose of improving our platform's performance and optimizing network resources. This data does not contain personally identifiable information.
  • Geolocation (Optional): In some cases, we may use IP geolocation to provide localized services or content. However, this information is not linked to individual users, and we do not store your precise geographical location. Please be assured that we do not use your IP address for tracking your online activities beyond the scope of Workverse, and we do not share this information with third parties except as required for the operation of our video conferencing service.

Your IP address is a fundamental part of enabling the video conferencing features that Workverse offers, and its collection and use are solely for the purpose of delivering a secure and efficient communication experience within our platform.

4.2 Cookies
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit our website or use our app. They serve various purposes, including enhancing your browsing experience, providing personalized features, and analyzing app usage patterns. Workverse uses the following types of cookies:

4.2.1 Essential Cookies
- These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of Workverse. They enable you to navigate our platform and use essential features, such as video conferencing. Essential cookies do not collect personally identifiable information and are typically session-based, expiring when you log out or close your browser.

4.2.2 Analytical Cookies
- We use analytical cookies to gather information about how you use Workverse. This data helps us understand user behavior, improve our services, and identify areas for enhancement. Analytical cookies may collect non-personally identifiable information, such as the pages you visit and the duration of your visits. We use third-party analytics services to compile and analyze this data, and they may also use their cookies. You can opt out of these cookies by adjusting your browser settings or cookie preferences in your account settings.

4.2.3 Functional Cookies
- Functional cookies enable us to personalize your experience on Workverse. They remember your preferences and settings, making your interactions with our platform more convenient and efficient. These cookies may store information such as your language preferences, avatar selections, and notification settings. Functional cookies do not collect personally identifiable information.

4.2.4 Advertising Cookies (if applicable)
- Workverse does not use advertising cookies. We do not engage in targeted advertising or sell user data to third-party advertisers.

Cookies are used to enhance your overall experience on our platform, and they are designed to respect your privacy. We do not use cookies to collect sensitive personal information or track your online activities outside of Workverse.

5. Information Sharing

5.1 Third-Party Service Providers
- We may share limited information with trusted third-party service providers to support app functionality and analytics. These providers are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

5.2 Legal Requirements
- We may disclose your information when required by law or in response to legal requests, such as court orders or subpoenas.

6. Data Retention

6.1 Guest Data
- Guest data is retained only for the duration of the session and is automatically deleted after the session ends.

6.2 Registered Users
- Registered user data, such as wallet addresses and avatars, are retained for as long as you maintain an active account. You can delete your account at any time, which will result in the permanent deletion of your data.

7. Children's Privacy

- Workverse is not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect information from children under 18.

8. Updates to Privacy Policy

- We may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our practices or legal requirements. Please check this page periodically for updates.

9. Contact Us

- If you have questions, concerns, or requests related to your privacy, please contact us at [](

Your privacy is important to us. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data protection and security. Thank you for choosing Workverse as your trusted video conferencing and collaboration platform.